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Friday, February 26, 2010

Couples Retreat....

So I don't know how many people will actually read all this. I'm not even sure how to show people I have this. It's kind of weird. Not sure how long this will actually last. I've decided though that it would be fun to post a picture each time I blog and explain the story behind the picture. I think that will be fun!!!! And then after the picture maybe blog a little about my day to follow. Anywho... Picture time....
This as you can tell is a picture from my wedding. This was by far the best day of my life!!! And this is one of my favorite pictures. This day was full of emotions. All my family was around me. And it was probably the first day in 3 years that I was not allowed to have any contact with Chuck!!! From 9 pm the day before to around 7 pm the next day when those doors opened wide for us to see each other for the first time. I love this man with all of my heart. He sent me a letter in the middle of day, that my mother had to read to me because I was crying so much, and then she began to cry while reading too, so it took a little while to get through it!! This day will forever replay within my mind and heart!

I titled this Couples Retreat, because every once in awhile Chuck and I like to retreat to the quietness of our home and watch movies together. And it's even better when it's on a Friday night because we have no time constraint to go to bed for the next day. Tonight we have chose 3 movies that I can't wait to see!!

Tomorrow is our last day of Upward. I'm sad to see the time end, but totally excited at the same time to have my Saturdays back! This has been a fun experience!! I have no clue about basketball, but I've been an assistance coach this season. I've learned a lot! However not enough to truly understand basketball! hahaha I know that Chuck is really sad to see it go too!

Well that's kind of everything for today!!


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