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Monday, April 12, 2010

Costco...Isn't that like a Sam's.....

My darling husband has been dealing with some major chest pains over the past week and couple days. We took him to the ER on April 1st and the Dr told us that he had something called costcochondritis. I had no clue what that was and we left the ER not really knowing. But my mommy explained it some more and I had a pretty little paper that told what it was. Basically is inflammation and irritation of a chest cavity area and can cause some major pain. The Dr didn't really say how long it would last but he acted like it was nothing to really worry about. Well...Chuck continued to have major pain and the more he did, the worse it got. And the past three days have been the worst. The amusing part to me is that we can kind of sit and think and pin point everything that he has done that could have caused it.

Anywho....today we saw Dr. Avula. Which by the way I was very impressed with. At first when he started talking I began to think "Great you're going to tell us the same thing that ER Dr told us and we'll still be in Limbo Land"...well that was not the case. He agreed that he had this chondritis stuff and even added a new diagnosis known as Teets or Teeds Syndrome. I don't have a clue how to spell it. So basically Chuck has this thingy in his chest below his chest bone that has become seriously inflammed. He's worried that he has possibly ripped or torn it, but he can't tell until all the inflammation has gone. So we have some new medication to take over the next few days and we will follow up with him in a month.

He also prescribed Chuck an inhaler and some Advair. He believes that he might have developed some asthma because he noticed some major weasing in his breathing. He doesn't believe that any of this has much to do with his heart. But he has ordered us to return tomorrow and have a stress test done and eckocardigram thingy done. He also informed of us some worse case scenarios but told us not to think about those. And it didn't seem to concerned by them either.

The one sadly negative about the whole morning is that he did admit that he couldn't tell us how long this would actually last. Chuck was wanting to hear that it would be like a week, but he informed us that it could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks to possibly even 2-3 years. And poor Chuck can't be playing no softball for awhile. I ask that as you have read this and over the next few days to please just pray that Chuck has a great peace. He hates to be sick as any man does. But most of all he hates that he won't be able to run and play with the children like he loves to do. Also pray that he can get some sleep. He hasn't slept well for 2 days! And please pray for me that I can help him to be comfortable and not go crazy with his requests :)


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