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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks for the Repeat....

So I'm totally not one to complain about doctor's and how stupid I think they can be, but I was so disappointed today. I totally felt like today was a waste of time and money. The moment the Dr walked in he asked why we were there?? UMMMMM hello shouldn't he already know that before he comes in to talk to us. I mean we didn't fully understand why Dr Avula sent us there. Then all he had to say was..." I really don't think it's his heart Mrs. Dunning, but we will do the echo another visit just to make sure, but I'm pretty positive it's all fine." Ok honestly that is two days in a row now that I've been told by two different Dr's that it's not his heart. Ok so let's move on and decided what it is. Yesterday I was so happy that it was explained clearly to us and we could grasp onto a little more than just what we were already told. But than today I felt like he was just talking i circles. I was not as impressed by the Dr at all today. Personally I want to call them back and tell them that were not coming back for the test and that can deal with it. But I know that in the long run it will bring peace to both of us that we know for positively sure that it has nothing to do with his heart!!

So for now we wait. Chuck will go back next Thursday for the echo and then the Thursday after that for a follow up reading. Which I really don't see why it takes 2 different days. I think they just enjoy collecting those co pays...haha Please continue to keep chuck on your prayer lists because he is still having some pains...He will be going back to the office tomorrow and we will be at church in the evening, but he has strict instructions to not overdo himself. No lifting, no running, no climbing stairs...there's a small list of no no's!!! Poor chuck....but hopefully this will all be over soon!!Oh I almost forgot a picture....a coworker of mine got on to me today for my previous picture of chuck and said that I was being mean....and I just simply told her that obviously she hadn't fully met and understood my husband.....bahahaha!

love to all!!!!


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