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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What next....

So seriously...I decided that since I've posted for like 2 days in a row now I should just keep it going...if it's not one thing it could be another. This morning I woke up with a wonderful little pain in my eye. And as the day move on it gets worse. I have a lovely little bump on the inside of my bottom lid. And it hurts like none other....and i have no clue as what to do for it! Any suggestions than let me know!!!

There's not much to update on Chuck. He's taking his pills like a good little boy. He went to work today and was able to go to church. He still has some pain today. And still some hard breathing. But he said the pain wasn't quite as bad today. But his breathing seemed to act up more today. I'm still aggravated with yesterday's outcome but I guess it is what it is!

Well like I said not much for today....so I'll end with a picture!
Love to all!


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