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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I had an itch....

So Chuck really should learn to not to leave me at home for too long when I have an itch to cut my hair....hahaha Last night I was at home after work and got a little bored so I made to the bathroom with my lovely Rhythm shears and started cutting away!! This was the result of what came off when I was finished...

Surprisingly however my hair does not look that different! Just added some funky layers and some bangs! Oh and I thinned it A LOT and it feels so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck is feeling better these days! We canceled his appointments because we just had the peace that it really isn't his heart. So for now we're just giving some meds for the pain when it's there and if somethings happens again we'll go down the heart route again. But for now I'm just glad he's not in so much pain!
My bump on my eye went away! That was really annoying!

Alicia is coming to visit next week!!! I'm super duper excited. It's been a year since she was here! And she's coming for 3 whole days!!! Beach time baby!!!!!


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