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Monday, August 9, 2010

His own words...

July 19, 2010

Well today was an exciting but also a sad time today because I left the one that I LOVE and will be forever attached to not only physically but also spiritually. I know that God has put us together for a reason, and I see that everyday, and that is that we both have a call and that is to minister and work with kids.

Well with that said it is 9:12 pm Dothan time. AS of right now I am somewhere over the ocean at 30992 ft altitude on an airplane.

Pastor Ray Jones of Ridgecrest Baptist Church was on the same plane as us from Dothan to Atlanta. That was really cool. Well, the plane landed in Atlanta at the airport we picked up our carry on bag that didn't fit on the plane and headed into the terminal. Cool fact about the terminal in Atlanta, there is subway train that take you to the different terminals.
As we left to go and find where our next gate was we found it and then Jack and Jeff decided that we should eat lunch at TGIF. So we ate lunch and afterward we all went to that gate. We still had a six hour wait ahead of us. So instead of sitting and being bored us 4 young people went on a tour and to also go shopping for Myron who was looking for a passport holder.

The four of us found his holder. Talked about college football. Checked out all the electronic stores. Each bought a couple of magazines to share. Laughed a whole lot and just act like a bunch of high school or college students.

Finally we boarded the plane for a 15 hour flight to Africa. My seats in my row have Alex & Stephanie and me and across the aisle is Jeff. I have a 9 inch screen and I can watch all sorts of movies. The moves I have watched are Tooth Fairy, Ratatouie, Monsters Inc. They have just served dinner, but I have ate the snacks you have for me. I have plenty and that's all for now. I'm going to go to bed or I guess take a nap.

**That was Chuck's first journal entry from his trip to Mozambique Africa. I will continue to update day by day as if you are reading his journal. There are some funny and sweet stories to come. I will also add different pictures from the trip. So I hope you enjoying reading!!**

This is the day Chuck arrived home. I was so very happy to see him!!! I knew he was safe and well protected by a great God who gave him this opportunity to go. And yes he's already talking about next year!!!!!


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