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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So lately I've been doing a lot of thinking. And sometimes that can hurt...haha jk...but seriously. I'm in a position now where I'm grown up, married, and in a full time ministry position with my husband. I'm no longer a child who can ride along on my parent's coat tails and depend on them to get me through life. I have to make my own decisions, pay for my own consequences, and deal with crazy things that I never even realized where out there.

I grew up in a very God centered home. My father has been a minister all of my life. And my mother has stood beside him every step of the way. Whether ministering to youth or senior adults or being the pastor, he has always been in a full time ministry position. Sometimes I was your typical minister's kid and thought I knew it all. But above anything, I knew the reality of my salvation and I knew what God had planned for my life. My parents raised me on biblical morals and understanding of life. I knew right and wrong, and I lived a pretty normal easy life. I never had to deal with any type of abuse or neglect and I always knew that I was very loved and cared for. My parents instilled in me at a very young age who I was and what I was to stand for. I know that I don't tell my parents thank you enough for the amazing upbringing God blessed me with through them. I modeled my life after the way they raised me. That's why I am who I am today.

My husband and I are very blessed to be in the position we are today. God has blessed us with an amazing church family who continuously show their love and support to us. We have learned so much over this first year of ministry. And not to anyone's surprise, I have learned stuff that I thought I already knew when really I had no clue. I have a new appreciation for minsters and their wives. It's a tough job. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love having this opportunity to stand BESIDE my husband and do what God has called us to do! It's challenging and exciting and emotional and stressful....and the list could go on and on...but these kids make it totally worth it! We love each and everyone so much and it's so much to watch them learn and grow.

Well that was just some random thought for you!!!!!


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