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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We are all just a tree in life....

Interesting title to my post I know...but lately that has been on my mind. I can not go into full detail as to why I've been thinking this. But I have discovered that it seems to me that we are all some type of tree. There are short trees, tall trees, fat trees, skinny trees. Trees that can protect you in event of sunshine, but then there are trees that can destroy you in event of weather conditions. There are trees that can give you fruit to survive on and then there are trees that can be a pain in the butt and drop crap all over your yard.

As human being we can be like all those types of trees. There are short people, tall people, fat people, skinny people. People who protect us from anything that comes our way, people who look out to tear you down at any moment you mess up. There are people who look to provide for you and be there for you no matter what, and then there are people who just keep you from being you and pollute your mind and life with crap. I know this all sound stupid and even a little pointless. But it's what is on my mind.

I had a dream about some trees and that's all I'm going to say of why this is on my mind. But my bestest friend came into town this weekend. She is the most amazing blessing of a friend that God has placed in my life. If you were to look at us we have several things that are totally different and some my wonder why we are so close. I met Alicia my first semester of college and she scared me. She's not the friendliest person. Not that she is mean, she's just shy and very keep to herself type of person. She lived right across the hall from me and she hardly spoke unless she had to. Well it was the night of the Casting Crown concert and me and my roommate invited her and her roommate to go to dinner afterward and that's where our journey began. It's almost like God opened the heavens and said "ok girls....i have a plan for you 2" We talked and talked and talked and haven't stopped talking yet. We grew closer over the next semester and upon return in fall of 2006 we became roommates. I only lived with here that one semester because I returned home to follow a different school path. But that didn't end us. I visited every weekend of course to see Chuck and basically still lived in her room. We "broke" the rules and I kept my dorm key and I even left stuff there. It was almost like I had never moved. But anywho... that was just a little history of how we met and blah blah blah...I could go on and on of all the stories and good times but that would take forever. Since she has graduated and moved to Tampa, we still keep in touch and that will never change. Sometimes we don't talk as much as we would like (since I got married) but we never go more than a week a few days without talking. And nothing ever changes. God has blessed me with that sister I never had. Well so now since she lives so far away, once a year she comes for a visit. We have a little tradition 2 years running now. We pick one day and leave early in the morning. We head out to Destin. Lay on the beach for a couple hours then do some shopping (window shopping mostly) at the outlets and have lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. It's not much but it's so much fun.
I thank God for the amazing friendship he has blessed me with through Alicia. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!!

God has also blessed me with many other friendships. Some that are truly amazing and I wouldn't trade them for anything either. And then there are some that I haven't been able to develop quite the way I wish and that's all about change. I have many different "trees" in my life and it's time I properly take care of them. I have neglected some and then there are some that I've put too much time into when they're not doing what I had hoped. So it's time to get the pruning shears out to develop those that I've neglected and also time to get the chainsaw out and get rid of some things in my life!


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