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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why We Do What We Do...

Well it's been awhile since I last posted anything. We've been pretty busy. There have been some days that I felt like I could barely breathe. But I must admit that it's all worth it. Whenever you get to see the smiles on kids faces it reminds you that what you're doing is making a difference somewhere!!

Since it's summertime, I've been working full time days. I go in at 7 in the morning and the best part is I get off at 3:30. It's so nice to be off in the early afternoon. We are always staying busy at work, Mondays tend to be the slowest days because we don't go a anywhere. Tuesday ~ Thursdays we go on field trips and Fridays are fitness health days. I have up 35 kids in my class. And they keep me on my toes. We've been going for about 4 weeks now, and have about 5 left.

VBS was a little over a week ago. That was a busy week as always. But full of fun and laughter. This year our theme was High Seas Expedition. We explored the mighty Love of God. We had a great group of kids and an amazing group of volunteers...youth and adults alike!!!!

Chuck leaves for camp this week. The kids are so excited about going!!! They leave tomorrow morning and come back on Thursday. They will be in Shocco Springs and attending Student Life Camp for Kids. Please be in prayer for all the kids, Bro Chuck, Michelle Henley, and Anna McDaniel as they prepare their hearts to let God do a mighty work in their lives.

Chuck also will be getting ready to head to Africa for 2 weeks. I'm a little nervous about him being gone for so long and in a foreign country. He hasn't gotten nervous yet, but I feel it's coming soon. We have to get ready to start the packing process. I've been asking many questions to those who have been, and it makes me more nervous every answer I get. But I know that God is going to do amazing things in his life and in those that he will touch while he's away.

One other thing that's being going on lately...or may i say going off!!!!! As of last Monday, I've lost 22 pounds!! And I'm finally starting to see a little bit of difference in my clothes!!! But I still got a lot further to go!!!!



  • At June 27, 2010 at 6:35 PM , Blogger Lisha said...

    Yeah!!! I am so proud of you! % hope I can start to see a difference, too. You are a true motivator. Don't worry, Chuck will be fine, and God is protecting him and the others going with him. Talk to you later. The kids said hi!

  • At June 28, 2010 at 9:31 AM , Blogger Lindsay Jay. said...

    Wow!!! Thats awesome girl!!! WAY TO GO!!!!


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