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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

...more words from him...

July 22, 2010

Woke up earlier than normal because we had a big rainstorm that came through camp. But after that I was able to get and up and we went and had our group bible study. It was good it was talking about how we need to be like Moses and answer the call. We then had breakfast and we packed up and headed to where we will be teaching.
Everywhere we go from camp to our ministry areas we travel by land rover 4 wheel drive. It is a very bumpy road and my butt is starting hurt.

We started at camp with children's ministry first and the rest of the team does hut to hut. These kids are really attentive and hang on every word that we say. These children have only the clothes on their back and they might have had those for a year or more. They are very happy and just glad that we are here. They love pictures and acting out in front of the video camera. These kids are very cute and friendly.
For children's ministry we teach a lesson with the felt board and then we color a sheet, in which we let them use 2 or 3 crayons and let them color. It is amazing how they can color on dirt. After that we then pumped up the soccer balls and let them play. When we gave them the football they treated it like a soccer ball. Alex and I tried to teach them the game of football but they told us it was heard and wasn't fast enough. We just laughed! The group of children can speak some English but not very good. They also like us to say something and then they would repeat after us and just laugh.

Oh yeah...this morning I got to watch one of the kitchen people buy a live goat from one of the families that live around our camp. Well guess what we had for dinner....GOAT STEW...thank the Lord my wife bought and packed me a lot of junk food, so I don't have to starve.

July 23, 2010
Woke up with roosters singing around 6 am and read in the scriptures that the Lord will give us the wisdom to give the words to say. We then had a group devotion and then we had breakfast. For breakfast we had these huge pancakes, which were pretty good. Now we are sitting around getting ready to head to the camp to our different ministries. The last one as a group.

Well Children's ministry today was amazing!!!!! The children are really attentive and are just always very happy and are hanging on every word. They just want to hear more and more everyday! It is pretty weird that when you are teaching the children you have a herd of cattle that come by with their bells ringing and one of them relieves himself behind all the children and it was like nothing ever happened. These children are happy all the time. It don't even matter what is going on or how hot or cold they are, just happy to be here. I tried to teach the kids about Toy Story because they saw the pics on my journal and they just laughed as I explained it to them.
If I haven't talked about it before it is still very strange how when I go to the bathroom I go to a area around camp that is surrounded by plastic wrap and just a toilet seat with a hold in the ground and just to be honest with you while you sit there on the toilet it stinks really bad!! Oh well, it's all for the glory of God. Another fact about that it is in open air so instead of reading I can start at the sky. The showers are nice and warm. It is just weird because it is a sheet of plastic separating you and your neighbor and the children outside. But other than that it is like camping but with just a lot of dirt all around and that when you are in your tent or even outside in a chair you can just look out at God's awesome creation and see every cloud in the sky for miles without any buildings blocking them and the same is at night with the stars in the sky without all the city lights. You can see stars all the way for miles!!! God is just so amazing!


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