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Friday, October 22, 2010

Seems like forever....

WOW it's been awhile since I last posted. And really that last one wasn't really much. But I wonder who really pays attention anyways. I don't really follow that many people on here. And not many know I have this blog anyways. But oh well, I guess it's good to have to just update someone somewhere somehow.

There's been so much going on lately. Lots of changing happening and coming up. In fact I feel like someone has sort of pressed the fast forward button lately. Seems like just yesterday I started my new job at the CDC when really it's been a full year now that I've been there. I can still remember last year's fall festival like it was yesterday, but yet this year's came and went so fast...

It's amazing how fast a year can go by!! Time flies by too fast and before we know it it's all gone. We look around us and people have changed, times have changed, lives have been changed by the time that has past. People move forward, some move backwards, but no one ever stays that same. At least they're not supposed to. Time is inevitable, it's always going to be moving and changing and going forward...but what about that day when time does stop. What about the day when God says...hey you, come on home...or even the day when the trumpet sounds and he calls us all home...what then can I, you, we say about our time spent here on earth. Can we say we made the most of it? Can we say we faced each day, each season, each challenge and did all that we could with the time we were given??

I don't know where this is coming from? It's after midnight and I can't sleep and the matter of time and our actions is just on my mind. I may even delete this later....who knows, but maybe it's something you need to read, or you know of someone struggling with. God knows. I hope that when my time comes God can see that I made those most of my time here on earth. I don't always feel like I do. Some days I waste away the day. I waste away the time I could use to make myself healthier or take the time to share his life with someone. I waste so much time? And why?? Because I'm lazy? Because I'm bored? What is it that makes us waste so much time of our lives? I think I know why I waste my time. But that's not something I'm willing to share right now. Not until I fully understand and hear what God is telling me myself. But it's something I'm struggling with. So I ask that you pray say a prayer for me.

Excuse my ranting and crazy thoughts. I apologize if anything I have said offends anyone.


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