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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I had an itch....

So Chuck really should learn to not to leave me at home for too long when I have an itch to cut my hair....hahaha Last night I was at home after work and got a little bored so I made to the bathroom with my lovely Rhythm shears and started cutting away!! This was the result of what came off when I was finished...

Surprisingly however my hair does not look that different! Just added some funky layers and some bangs! Oh and I thinned it A LOT and it feels so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck is feeling better these days! We canceled his appointments because we just had the peace that it really isn't his heart. So for now we're just giving some meds for the pain when it's there and if somethings happens again we'll go down the heart route again. But for now I'm just glad he's not in so much pain!
My bump on my eye went away! That was really annoying!

Alicia is coming to visit next week!!! I'm super duper excited. It's been a year since she was here! And she's coming for 3 whole days!!! Beach time baby!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What next....

So seriously...I decided that since I've posted for like 2 days in a row now I should just keep it going...if it's not one thing it could be another. This morning I woke up with a wonderful little pain in my eye. And as the day move on it gets worse. I have a lovely little bump on the inside of my bottom lid. And it hurts like none other....and i have no clue as what to do for it! Any suggestions than let me know!!!

There's not much to update on Chuck. He's taking his pills like a good little boy. He went to work today and was able to go to church. He still has some pain today. And still some hard breathing. But he said the pain wasn't quite as bad today. But his breathing seemed to act up more today. I'm still aggravated with yesterday's outcome but I guess it is what it is!

Well like I said not much for today....so I'll end with a picture!
Love to all!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks for the Repeat....

So I'm totally not one to complain about doctor's and how stupid I think they can be, but I was so disappointed today. I totally felt like today was a waste of time and money. The moment the Dr walked in he asked why we were there?? UMMMMM hello shouldn't he already know that before he comes in to talk to us. I mean we didn't fully understand why Dr Avula sent us there. Then all he had to say was..." I really don't think it's his heart Mrs. Dunning, but we will do the echo another visit just to make sure, but I'm pretty positive it's all fine." Ok honestly that is two days in a row now that I've been told by two different Dr's that it's not his heart. Ok so let's move on and decided what it is. Yesterday I was so happy that it was explained clearly to us and we could grasp onto a little more than just what we were already told. But than today I felt like he was just talking i circles. I was not as impressed by the Dr at all today. Personally I want to call them back and tell them that were not coming back for the test and that can deal with it. But I know that in the long run it will bring peace to both of us that we know for positively sure that it has nothing to do with his heart!!

So for now we wait. Chuck will go back next Thursday for the echo and then the Thursday after that for a follow up reading. Which I really don't see why it takes 2 different days. I think they just enjoy collecting those co pays...haha Please continue to keep chuck on your prayer lists because he is still having some pains...He will be going back to the office tomorrow and we will be at church in the evening, but he has strict instructions to not overdo himself. No lifting, no running, no climbing stairs...there's a small list of no no's!!! Poor chuck....but hopefully this will all be over soon!!Oh I almost forgot a picture....a coworker of mine got on to me today for my previous picture of chuck and said that I was being mean....and I just simply told her that obviously she hadn't fully met and understood my husband.....bahahaha!

love to all!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Costco...Isn't that like a Sam's.....

My darling husband has been dealing with some major chest pains over the past week and couple days. We took him to the ER on April 1st and the Dr told us that he had something called costcochondritis. I had no clue what that was and we left the ER not really knowing. But my mommy explained it some more and I had a pretty little paper that told what it was. Basically is inflammation and irritation of a chest cavity area and can cause some major pain. The Dr didn't really say how long it would last but he acted like it was nothing to really worry about. Well...Chuck continued to have major pain and the more he did, the worse it got. And the past three days have been the worst. The amusing part to me is that we can kind of sit and think and pin point everything that he has done that could have caused it.

Anywho....today we saw Dr. Avula. Which by the way I was very impressed with. At first when he started talking I began to think "Great you're going to tell us the same thing that ER Dr told us and we'll still be in Limbo Land"...well that was not the case. He agreed that he had this chondritis stuff and even added a new diagnosis known as Teets or Teeds Syndrome. I don't have a clue how to spell it. So basically Chuck has this thingy in his chest below his chest bone that has become seriously inflammed. He's worried that he has possibly ripped or torn it, but he can't tell until all the inflammation has gone. So we have some new medication to take over the next few days and we will follow up with him in a month.

He also prescribed Chuck an inhaler and some Advair. He believes that he might have developed some asthma because he noticed some major weasing in his breathing. He doesn't believe that any of this has much to do with his heart. But he has ordered us to return tomorrow and have a stress test done and eckocardigram thingy done. He also informed of us some worse case scenarios but told us not to think about those. And it didn't seem to concerned by them either.

The one sadly negative about the whole morning is that he did admit that he couldn't tell us how long this would actually last. Chuck was wanting to hear that it would be like a week, but he informed us that it could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks to possibly even 2-3 years. And poor Chuck can't be playing no softball for awhile. I ask that as you have read this and over the next few days to please just pray that Chuck has a great peace. He hates to be sick as any man does. But most of all he hates that he won't be able to run and play with the children like he loves to do. Also pray that he can get some sleep. He hasn't slept well for 2 days! And please pray for me that I can help him to be comfortable and not go crazy with his requests :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So much to say...

I have lots that I could blog about right now...so much is on my mind lately....so let's just see where this goes....if you don't wanna read it all than don't bother....haha well you may find some interesting stuff along the way....and I promise to put pictures if that helps.....

My husband....ok so this picture is from this past Sunday...Easter Sunday 2010. Usually I would have done a lot better matching us for such a special occasion, but he insisted on wearing this blue shirt and I just fell in love with the dress the moment I saw, so if you look closely you will see some green in that tie!!! ahaha....anywho about three days before this picture was taken we had spent around 4 hours in the ER during the night hours. I took him in around 11 and we got home around 3:30. It was not a fun trip at all. We had been moving all that day and I noticed that he seemed abnormally tired but I just figured it was due to the fact of moving. Well 30 mins after laying down, he informed otherwise and we took off to either let my mom look at him or end up in the ER...which as already stated you can tell where we ended up. I have never seen this man in so much pain and anguish. He scared the daylights out of me. Luckily nothing majorly was wrong. The Dr told him he had this thing called costcochondritis. It's an inflammation and irritation of his chest. Possibly due to sneezing and pollen and all nastyness. Anywho....he gave some meds and I thought he would get over it quickly...well lo and behold we are heading to the Dr tomorrow. His pain has worsened over the past 3 days. He hardly sleeps. And coughs his head off!!! I'm praying that we get an amazing report tomorrow and some major meds to help him feel better.

Taylor Dawn Money...
I could tell you so much about this darling 15 year old but I'm only going to tell you a little bit of what's on my mind. It amazes me how smart and lovely and outgoing she can be. I've seen her laugh, I've seen her cry, I've seen her angry, and I've seen her bummy so so....yes that's a word! I know that some people find it crazy that one of my best friend's is a 15 year old when I myself am 23. However I think it's amazing. She has taught me so much that I had forgotten over the last few years. I can only pray that I have taught her just as much!!! I always laugh when Taylor Swift's "When I'm 15" song comes on because on Taylor's 15th birthday I blared that song from car and she about died. It was great. There is a never dull moment with this lovely girl. Even though we are so many years apart, we still have so much in common and we can talk about things like none other. I love to have discussion about church and God with her because she is just busting at the seams for The Lord Jesus!!!! Taylor....I love you sweetheart....and my door is always open!!!!

Reba Lindemuth.......
This is the very first picture that me and Reba ever took together....I love to make sure to save the very first...and the little caption...New Friends = Many Memories To Come is oh so true. We have created so many memories that I will look back on for years and years to come!! Reba is a sweet kind hearted young lady that loves to spend time with her closest friends and family. We share so much in common that we bonded almost instantly the day we met. I know that she is there any time I need her. Whether it's just for a quick prayer or a lengthy conversation. We made a promise to each other shortly after we became friends...and that promise will be kept!!!!

Kari Alyssa Sego....This girl is almost a spitting image of me personality wise when I was growing up. And just recently I got a view into the mind of this amazingly talented young lady!!! Kari is a girl that can't be described by just a few words....well AMAZING will do for the purpose of this....She loves her some music and good music at that!!! I love to watch her listen to her Ipod when she doesn't even know I'm looking. If I could or even had to, with the permission from Chuck I would kidnap her and keep her as my own....along with her best frann.....

That's all for now....totally random stopping point I know, but it's time to get ready for church and go see these lovely ladies!!!! I'll post more later....sometime!!!!